about us

Kimono & co. was founded by the mother of a girl in 2019, based in Takayama, Japan. Our mission is to provide another option for an ethical way of dressing.

We recreate modern style with a new interpretation of the most beautiful and sustainable fabric – traditional Japanese Kimono.

Not long ago, people in Japan wore Kimonos every day. Many have spent a lifetime with one set of Kimonos by amending and caring for them. Sometimes, people unravel these parts, dye them other colors, and then sew them again. Others have passed Kimonos down from generation to generation.

After WWII, Western clothes became commonly chosen. Many of the younger generations nowadays are dressed in Kimono only a couple of times in their lives, because they are unable to wear it by themselves, but with specialists.

Kimono represents the beauty of Japan. Patterns illustrate seasonal nature and a combination of sometimes vibrant, sometimes very subtle colors and designs that you hardly find in the Western culture. It holds the beauty of the hand-made art piece in fine silk for many years.

Shamefully enough, these remarkable textiles are sitting in drawers without any chance of being put on and would otherwise go to waste.

Instead of creating more waste, we carefully select and buy these Kimonos, to create modern and easy-to-adopt clothing.

Our Kimonos are reworked and altered by local, home-working seamstresses who need to stay home for personal reasons. Because of their handiwork, our Kimonos are reborn to blend well with your daily wardrobe.

All of our items are one-of-a-kind; each of them have their own history. Some even carry a story that’s over 100 years old. We hope that you will be the next successor of the future our kimonos, adding to their rich and meaningful history.